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Jacqstar – a month in the life (part four – the last bit)

The lovely Jess from Create and Thrive  has organised an Instagram challenge for handcrafters called ‘A Month in the Life’ in which we post a picture each day of our businesses based on a different theme each day: (See part three here)

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Create and thrive a month in the life
Day 22  – Goal
Jacqstar Creations, pattern, crochet, original, yarn, wool, granny
My attempt to write out the pattern to the shawl I’m making 
I normally make from other people’s patterns but my goal is to be more creative and come up with my own ideas. Lately I’ve  been madly jotting down ideas and trying to actually make them work. I also want to learn the shorthand symbols for crocheting, which at this stage looks like hieroglyphics. Wish me luck!

Day 23 – Why?
Jacqstar Creations, creative, paint, draw, knit, crochet, original
This is why…
Why do I create? Why do I bother? Because it fills my soul and completes me. I’m my truest self when I’m painting, as it allows me to switch off and be in the moment, which I find very hard at other times.

Day 24 – Neighbourhood
Australia, Jacqstar Creations, bush, Brisbane,
My new friend
Now I live in a pretty ordinary neighbourhood, but I’m near bushland and some of the neighbours are really cool (and friendly when they think food is around) so here’s a mate of mine…
Day 25 – Work Clothes
Jacqstar Creations, art, crochet, pajamas, Peter Alexander, ruby slippers
My work clothes (most of the time)

More often than not I’m at home in front of the TV crocheting in my jim jams.It’s been a chilly winter so I’ve been all rugged up in my flannies and my Peter Alexander ‘Dorothy’ slippers.

Day 26 – In Situ
Jacqstar Creations, wedding, crochet, burlesque collection, white, beret, beanie
The Bride and her Maid of Honour 

/ɪn ˈsɪtjuː/

adverb, adjective (postpositive


in the natural, original, or appropriate position
I was asked by a client what I had in white for a wedding. I managed to come up with a few things so here is the gorgeous Bride and her Maid of Honour wearing their crocheted hats. 
Day 27 – Learn
Jacqstar Creations, handcraft, selling, etsy, handmade
Apps for Sellers
I love learning new things and there is so much to learn when you’re trying to run a business. I recently went to a free Brisstyle seminar for crafters on online selling. So much information 🙂

Day 28 – In the World
Jacqstar creations, handmade, crochet, knit, wool, yarn
Creative Markets, Springwood
Here I am out in the world at my latest market stall at the Creative Markets Springwood.
Day 30 – Treasured

This is ‘Music of the Night’. I painted this in a day-long art class with acrylic paint using only palette knives and fabric paint. I’ts quite large and it’s the painting I’m most proud of. I sold it a few years ago to my boyfriend, so I  can visit it whenever I like!
Day 31 – support
Jacqstar Creations, markets, handmade, crochet, knit, small business, friends
My two favourite people
On the left is me with my Bestie- she provides the trestle tables, ideas and lots of moral support every market day. 

On the right is me with my lovely boyfriend, who is my number one fan and provides the muscle and lots of lollies when I’m doing markets. I couldn’t do without either of them!

That’s the end of the Create and Thrive A month in the life Instagram challenge. I’ve enjoyed sharing myself and my little biz with you and I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.

Jacqui xx