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Waste not, want not. A case of creative recycling.

I had just finished binge watching ‘Firefly’ then ‘Serenity’, and was contemplating what to do with the rest of my life when I happened to look at my wool stash.

I had a bag full of odds and ends of wool and a thought struck me that I could use the leftovers creatively and not waste anything along the way.

I do use small bits of wool to wrap up my orders (and wrap them up in old crocheting and knitting patterns):

recycling and re purposing wool and crochet patterns
all wrapped up and             ready to go


I like to think of myself as as a hippy-tree-hugging-save-the-world type of girl and I like to do my bit for the environment in whatever little ways I can. I’ve used food scraps which would otherwise be thrown out to dye wool.


So it made sense to me to use up something which would otherwise be wasted and go into land fill.


The first thing I made a year or so ago was an infinity scarf in browns and golds:


gold brown boho infinity scarf
gold brown boho infinity scarf


Then I did a long green scarf which used big balls and not so much small scrappy bits:

boho knitted scarf in greens and browns
boho knitted scarf in greens and browns


But this one was truly a bits and bobs, ‘what am I going to do with all these scrappy bits of wool?’ type of enterprise:

Rainbow drawstring beanie


closeup of rainbow beanie

I love it so much, I’m in the middle of doing a black/white/ grey one. I’m systematically going through my wool stash draws which of COURSE are organised by colour, and will be definitely making more. The colours will depend on what scraps I’ve got once I finish other projects so stay tuned 🙂

Waste not, want not…


What recycling / re-purposing ideas do you have?

Drop me a line…

Jacqui xx