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17 before 17 – end of year goals

Recently, I saw in an article somewhere that I’ve now totally forgotten, a blog about 14 things to  achieve before the new year of 2014 (or was it 16 before 16?), a person was fitting in as much as they could before the old year ended and the new one began.

I liked the concept so much I’m stealing it for my own purposes.

I also love the idea of getting off my butt and  squeezing as much in as possible, in the last part of the year when we usually slide into the pre- Christmas decline. It also gives me that last minute opportunity to tick some things off my yearly to-do list.


So without further ado, here they are:

  1. lose 5 kg (aim to get to 78.7kg)
  2. Make a red velvet cake (with beetroot not food colouring)
  3. Go to the dentist for a checkup – done already, tick!
  4. Sign up for the Cert. 4 in Retail management
  5. Have high tea at a fancy restaurant
  6. Sell my Christmas range at the  Suitcase rummage market
  7. Finish de-cluttering the whole house
  8. See an Opera / ballet
  9. Give a Kiva loan – done!
  10. Put a Christmas gift under the K-mart wishing tree
  11. Climb a mountain
  12. Change jobs – done!
  13. Take a painting class
  14. Try hot yoga
  15. Visit the cat cafe- done!
  16. Do a drawing a day challenge
  17. Leaving this one blank just in case something else crops up, or you can suggest something for me!!

Update – I’m changing jobs, not with another company, but I got a promotion, and from the 1st Of December I’ll be stepping up in my job and moving to a new location!