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Just breathe…

Tonight I took my own advice.

 I posted this on Facebook about a week ago, and thought it was a great idea, but somehow life and doing ‘stuff’ got in the way. Tonight, as I went downstairs to turn off the lights and close up, I had the impulse to go outside and look up at the sky.  It made me feel so much better.
Not that I wasn’t feeling good before, I’d had a great night, was feeling good about everything, but somehow this took it up to a level I didn’t know I needed. I didn’t realise how much I was missing being outside and feeling the elements. I’m such an Inside Girl – I work in an air conditioned, artificially lit shopping centre, drive to and from work.  I’m in most nights, so to be in my backyard, feeling the breeze on my skin, taking deep breaths and smelling the perfume of  my jasmine plant was magical.
And yes, looking up at the stars (the few that are visible from my back yard) made me feel small, yet part of the whole universe at the same time.
I’ll be doing this more often …