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How to achieve your goals

Hello my Lovelies,
I’ve always believed that if you truly want to achieve something, you write it down, and share it with the world. Make it public and it will happen.
It’s true, try it. Even if it’s so big you don’t dare to believe it.
Even if it’s so tiny you think it’s not worth putting down on paper or telling anyone about it.
Even if you’re a bit scared to share it in case someone thinks it’s silly (if it’s your dream it can’t be silly now can it?)
Last year I shared my 100 dreams (part 2) (here’s part 1 in case you missed it) and number 34 was to learn Burlesque dancing. I had every intention to get around to doing it (one day) but life got in the way and it didn’t happen this year.

GUESS WHAT??????????

For Christmas I got this:

A totally unexpected (well, it shouldn’t have been unexpected because I wrote it down and made it public and told the Universe that’s what I wanted) gift from my boyfriend’s Lovely Sister. She did some research and looked at my blog and decided she wanted to give me the Burlesque lessons I wanted.

Thank you
                                Thank you

It goes to show that you need to write your goals down. You don’t have to do a blog and tell the world – put a picture of what you want on your fridge (new car/ cruise/ new dress – whatever) and if you (or others) see it every day there’s far more chance of it happening.
Don’t hide your dreams, put them out on display. It’ll happen 🙂
all my love,
Jacqui xx