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A Tale of Jacqstar and the Spinning Wheel

spinning wheel

Once upon a time…


There lived a girl called Jacqstar, who loved wool.

She loved making things out of it. She loved the pretty colours it came in and she also loved dyeing plain white wool with natural dyes and watching it transform.

She had the idea that instead of buying white wool and dyeing it, she could buy the fleece or roving (unspun strands of fibre/wool) and spin it herself. Then she could dye it and make beautiful things out of her very own hand spun wool.

The one flaw in her dream was that she didn’t have a spinning wheel and she didn’t exactly know how to use one either. Looking to buy one, she realised how expensive they were. It was a setback, but she still clung to her dream.

Then one magical Christmas, Santa heard her prayers.


A beautiful vintage spinning wheel  appeared under the Christmas Tree.

Jacqstar couldn’t believe her eyes, and wept tears of joy.

homespun wool
My beautiful spinning wheel


“Thank you Santa, how did you know what I wanted? It’s a Christmas miracle!”

The lucky girl still didn’t know how to spin, but I don’t think it’s going to take her long to figure it out.  🙂

And they both lived happily ever after…

Stay tuned for further adventures of Jacqstar and her spinning wheel!