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Natural yarn dyeing part 2 – avocado seeds

This is part two of a dyeing with avocado blog.

If you missed out on part one, you can read it here…

I pretty much did the same for the seeds as I did with the skins. I chopped the seeds in half and popped them in the pot and covered them with water.

natural yarn dyeing

natural yarn dyeing
soaking the seeds in water


I left the mixture out in the sun for a week or so, then boiled the mixture for an hour then took the seeds out.

natural yarn dyeing
the avocado seed dye

Instead of wool, this time I used a bamboo/ cotton blend.  I decided to re-wind it a bit looser as I wanted to put the ball straight into the pot and the original ball was wound very tightly.

natural yarn dyeing
bamboo / cotton blend yarn
natural yarn dyeing
re-winding the yarn


I pre wet the yarn and put it into the dye which had a generous dollop of white vinegar add to it to help fix the colour to the yarn.

natural yarn dyeing
the cake of yarn, pre wet

I heated up the dye bath till it started bubbling then turned it down. You don’t want to agitate the yarn or else it can felt. This cotton/bamboo yarn is especially delicate as it’s got lots of fine threads wound together.

I left the yarn in the dye bath for about 40 minutes, then I turned it over to make sure it was dyed evenly and did another 20 minutes or so. I kept checking the dye bath to see if it was going lighter and clearer, which meant that the cotton was taking it up.

Once I was happy with the result, I turned off the heat and left the ball in the pot to cool down naturally for an hour or so. Then I filled up the sink with cold water and a bit of dish-washing liquid and gently washed the ball. A bit of dye ran out but it was minimal.

natural yarn dyeing
the wet dyed yarn

Then I carefully unwound the ball and put it on a drying rack in the shade to fully dry. Actually, I wasn’t as careful as I should have been, as the yarn got really tangled and I had an awful time de tangling it, but that’s another story!

And, ta-daaaaa!

The finished product.

I didn’t make anything from this one, I gave it to a girlfriend who’s a mad keen crocheter like myself (I’m probably more mad than keen), but anything she makes from it I’ll pop down below.

natural yarn dyeing
the dried finished product

That’s it from me today, but I’ve been playing with flower petals, cherries and blue topping!

Stay tuned,

Jacqui xx