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Always remember to bring your own glitter!
The other day at work, I was chatting with a woman and her little daughter, when I happened to glance down at the child’s sparkly shoes and said to her, “Wow I love your shoes, I wish they came in my size!” We all had a little chuckle and my manager, who had been ´╗┐nearby said to me, “you and your glitter!” And it’s true, I love my glitter, and sparkly/shiny things in general, it’s my thing. But it’s not just about wearing sparkly things, I like to think that I bring my own special kind of ‘glitter’ to work with me. And strangely enough, I had heard this expression only a day or two before, from the ever lovely Leonie Dawson:

No matter where you are and what you are doing

Take glitter. Make magic.

Miracles happen to those who create it.
We’re not meaning the term glitter literally (unless of course you’d like to throw some glitter around everywhere you go – hey, that’s fine if you do, to each his own), we mean your own special brand of glitter/ sparkle/ sunshine/ happiness/ good vibes. What do you do at work (or at Church, Uni, school, your local mother’s group, your weekly AA meeting, etc.) to make everything a little bit brighter? How do you make it a bit more fun and make it more bearable for yourself and your colleagues? 
I’m a joker, I love to have a joke with the customers and my workmates, I’m also an incessant singer, and I change the lyrics of the songs to shoe songs (I work in a shoe shop for those of you who don’t know). One of my favourites is, (in my best KISS impersonation) ‘I was made for lovin’ shoes baby, shoes were made for lovin’ meeeeeeee’ or maybe a bit of Elvis – ‘For I can’t help falling in love with shoes…’ You get the idea.
You may not be quite so silly. You might be the one who’s smile lights up the whole room; who makes everyone else feel like smiling. You might be the only one that laughs at the boss’ really bad jokes or doesn’t complain at work. You might treat everyone with a little bit more respect than everyone else and that makes the difference!
How can you bring your own unique brand of glitter to the world?
  • Bring some home made sweets or biscuits (with smiley faces) to work/ AA meeting/ Mother’s Group
  • Bring some pretty flowers to brighten up your (or someone else’s) office
  • Be positive when all around you is negative
  • Wear a silly tie that makes people smile 
  • Dance
  • Sing
  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Be your own unique self and don’t be afraid to sparkle.

and remember…

glitter jacqstar creations

I’d dearly love to hear your suggestions, and ways you already bring glitter to the world.

Jacqui xx