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Beach therapy and freebie for you.

Beach Therapy
Bribie Island sand on my tosies

I don’t know why getting sand between my toes and hearing the roar of waves crashing onto the shore relaxes me so much but I’ve been craving this for so long. Maybe I don’t feel grounded enough and not connected with the Earth, but as soon as I spend an hour or so feeling and listening, I know that I’m my old self again and everything’s right in the world.

I was so relaxed and inspired, I started doodling and came up with a little something to share with you:

Beach inspired Zentangles:

(see below for download)


Can you see how the waves and foam inspired these forms?


In case you haven’t heard of Zentangles…

A Zentangle is an abstract drawing created using repetitive patterns. True Zentangles are always done in black ink on white paper. They were invented to make the act of drawing pleasurable, meditative and accessible to all.

The Zentangle Method is very different from regular drawing, painting and other art forms. It is meant to be a form of artistic meditation that anyone can do. The act of creating the Zentangle is just as important as the final outcome, which is appreciated for its unique beauty. Zentangle creations adhere to the following philosophical tenets:

  • Its creation is unplanned. When you begin creating a Zentangle, you’re encouraged not to have an end goal in mind. Rather, allow the pattern to reveal itself as you draw.
  • Its creation of a Zentangle is deliberate, yet unexpected. Each stroke should be made deliberately, rather than hesitantly. Instead of erasing stray marks, the artist should use them as the foundation for an unexpected pattern.
  • Its creation is celebratory. Like meditation, the Zentangle Method is meant to feel freeing and healing. It’s a way to celebrate the beauty of life.
  • A Zentangle is timeless. No technology or special tools are used. Zentangles should connect those who make them to the timeless human endeavour of putting pen to paper.


I’ve got two to share with you. One is more complete than the other, to enable you to have some more freedom with your own expressions.

Download your Free zentangle 1 here

Download your Free zentangle 2 here

 Have fun doodling and adding you own touches to them. You can leave them black or white or get out your favourite colouring implements and give them some pizazz!

If you’d like to leave a picture of your finished Zentangle on My Facebook Page that would be fantastic!!

Love Always,

Jacqui xx