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Jacqstar- a month in the life (part two)

Week two of Create and Thrive’s a month in the life 
The lovely Jess from Create and Thrive  has organised an Instagram challenge for handcrafters called ‘A Month in the Life’ in which we post a picture each day of our businesses based on a different theme each day, so I thought I’d share my photos and my stories behind them:

Day 8: Branding

craft handmade business

My Brand 

The top is how I sign my paintings, and a friend digitized and tweaked it and made it into a logo for me. My key colours are peacock inspired – teal blue, green purple and gold. 
The bottom is my business card. I wanted something that represented letting loose creatively and looked arty. 

Day 9: Me

Jacqstar Creations get to know me, who I am art with heart craft crochet knit paint
The many sides of Jacqstar

These are the many sides of me. Silly, quirky, fun. I love a dress up party and tend to strike a pose whenever a camera is produced. 

Day 10: Inspiration 
butterfly lady inspiration Jacqstar creations art with heart craft watercolour
Hands up…

I find my inspiration everywhere and at the oddest moments (in the shower, grocery shopping etc.) But I’m really out to help inspire others to being out their inner creatives.For this purpose, I’m working on a series of ‘butterfly ladies’ drawings to help others find their creative wings and to soar to new places.

Day 11: Assistants 
head, foam, Jacqstar Creations, hat scarf crochet knit handmade, craft
Murray and Edith Head

These are my ever faithful assistants, Murray and Edith Head (though I suspect Murray is a bit of a girl). They’ve modelled all sorts of hats, beanies and scarves for me and have never complained. They don’t eat much either! 

Day 12: Favourite
painting, hand made, art with heart, Jacqstar Creations, craft, curly branches
Tree of Love

This is my ‘tree of life’ painting and would have to be the favourite painting that I’ve done so far. It encompasses some of my favourite things. I love drawing / painting curly branched trees- there’s something about the curves that I like and find soothing. And I’m using some of my fave colours- pinks and purples. It’s also finished with some shimmery paint and I love all things shiny and glittery! 

Day 13: Post Office 

Jacqstar Creations art with heart posting orders
My local post box

I don’t often need to post my stock as I mostly sell to friends (and friends of friends) and at the markets. But when I do, it’s just a leisurely stroll down the end of my street to the post box. 

Day 14:  Vignette 

Jacqstar Creations, handmade, craft, small business, art with heart
The definition of vignette is: a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, idea, setting, or object. 

This one was a hard one for me. I needed to provide a snapshot of what my business is, but I have interests in so many things and I really don’t want Jacqstar to just be about crocheting. I love to paint, share my photos and my sketches and mostly to inspire people to be creative. 
A couple of years ago I was worried that I had to only pick one thing and stick to it but I’m eclectic in my tastes so I’ve made my business just as eclectic!

Stay tuned for week three…

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Jacqui xx