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Switch yourself off

Yesterday I switched off from the electronic world and switched on to the real world.
I’ll let you in on a secret – I’m a bit of a social media junkie, I’ve gotta check Facebook 30 times a day to see if some witty remark I’ve made gets ‘liked’ or commented on. I have to check my Etsy Shop every hour to see it anyone’s looked at it recently or had any sales, and stay in ‘touch’ with the world out there. And there’s PInterest, Instagram, my website, etc. (luckily, I’ve never dabbled with Twitter) 
I spend so much of my time looking at what others are doing in their lives, and their achievements, that I don’t have time to create something of my own to show off to others.
(silly isn’t it?)
AND… if you’re like me then after the obligatory half the day on the computer getting nothing useful done, when it’s late and it’s time for bed, you switch off the laptop, get into bed, get your phone out and just check everything ONE MORE TIME!
We all do it, don’t we?
Or is it just me?

Obviously, we need the gadgets, and if you’re in business, email and social media sites are all part of the package. However, they can be a black hole and the 5 minutes you intended to spend, can end up becoming an hour!

So one day I decided it was a good idea to wean myself off the electronic time wasters, at least a little bit – try and break myself of the habit so to speak, so I had a day away from everything.

So, what didn’t I do?
I didn’t check emails,
look at my phone,
start my computer up
or watch TV.
GASP! How did I survive?????????????????????????
What I actually did:
Painted, read, crocheted, knitted, went for a walk and watched the sun set, did some drawing, tidied up my desk (a much needed and very procrastinated task), Started an intentions box and cut pictures out of magazines of what I want to achieve in the next year or so and put them in there.
I listened to the sounds of the birds, thought about this and that, and had clarity without electronic things grabbing my attention all day to think my own thoughts and sort stuff out in my head.

The truth be told, I got a bit bored, but that’s a good thing – creativity comes when you’re not sure what to do next, it let my imagination take over once it stopped complaining that there wasn’t a computer or television to tell it what to think.

 I looked inwards instead of looking outwards.
And you know what? The day felt so long, and I got so much achieved!! It is gob-smacking how much time the electronic timesuckers suck out of your day. I needed that day so much,
I felt that my computer was controlling me and my time, when I should be in control of my time and resources. So, going forward,  I’m going to try one computer free day per month and one night a week.

Your turn: (here’s your homework)

*Have at least one switched off night this week (if you’re not an Internet junkie, then have 2 or 3, or do it for a whole week GASP!!!!!!!).

* Have one switched off day (a full day, no checking Facebook on your phone, or watching TV ALL DAY) 

Give it a try – I know you can do it.
It won’t kill you.

Let me know how you go…

Love always,
Jacqui xx