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The Halfway Mark

Hello my little yellow bubbles of happiness, how are you?
I live such an exciting life.
   On the Edge.
I’m off the chain baby!


I’m such a wild child that this afternoon I – wait for it – sorted out all my wool and catalogued it!!!!!!!
                     I know!!!!!! – what a crazy gal I  am! You wish you were me don’t you?
This is my drawer of reds/pinks/ purples which had just been sorted, and then all the blues and greens that I just dumped onto the floor ready for sorting. I’ve got all my colours sorted into different draws to make it easier to find them. Life is much easier this way. And I’m a Virgo, and we like things to be neat and orderly…

Anyhoo, I’ve been buying wool randomly for several years and it was time to take stock of what I have and how much I’ve used. I also tidied up the balls, rolled all the little loose bits together, the half balls of the same colour that somehow end up not being fully used.  I’m in good shape with the wool, it’s just all the hats and scarves I’ve made I need to sell now or at least add an extra room onto the house to store it in!

Maybe it’s the full moon, but I was energised and wanted to get all sorted and tidied and just to know what I had. I even managed to go through some old half-started (or is it half- finished?) projects and recycle the wool and even threw one out that was not redeemable at all – I was holding on to it for ages (years) thinking that I’ll get back to it, I’ll undo all the wool and re-use it etc. etc. etc. But I never did and I feel so much better for just getting rid of it. It’s like a weight off my chest and a bit of space reclaimed in my cupboard! And it’s good Feng Shui 🙂

Around the time I was sorting out my wool, my boyfriend was at his place sorting out his finances. He  went through his bills, looked though his accounts, did a catalogue of what he owed, what he spent and what he saved. He looked in every dusty little corner, taking stock of the Good the Bad and the Ugly in regards to money, then culled a few expenses that he didn’t need and cut back where he could. It’s that time of the year where we need to take stock of things.It’s almost the end of June; the 6th month of the year.

The halfway mark.
How has your year been so far?
Have you done some of the things you said you were going to do? Have you done any of them? Can you even remember what your plans were way back in January?
It’s not too late you know, you’ve got another six months to go until the end of the year.
That’s absolutely ages!!!!

Now is the perfect time to look back on the last 6 months, take stock, and look forward to the next 6 months. Look at your resolutions/goals/plans objectively. Air them out, so to speak, unroll them, sort them out, dust them off and


let me know how you go,
Jacqui xx