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Jacqstar – a month in the life (part one)

The lovely Jess from Create and Thrive  has organised an Instagram challenge for handcrafters called ‘A Month in the Life’ in which we post a picture each day of our businesses based on a different theme each day: 

list, behind the scenes, who what where why
Create and thrive a month in the life
So I thought I’d share my photos and my stories behind them. 
Day 1: Workspace 
behind the scenes, creative space, spare room
Secret Lair (very messy)
This is the Spare Room. Also known as Jacqstar’s secret Lair (I’ve always wanted a lair- it sounds so cool!), the Creative Cave, or most recently the junk room 🙂  At the moment, there’s stuff everywhere, as I’m in the middle if several projects and working my way through Leonie Dawson’s Double your Biz programme. 
small business, workbook creative craft
Double Your Biz Programme
Day 2: Hands
                           wool, craft handmade Jacqstar

I didn’t have someone Handy (see what I did there???) to take pictures of my hands in action so I improvised. I suppose wool is my first passion, followed closely by paint. If truth be told, I care less abou the medium and more about the colours. Oh how I love colours! 

Day 3: Work in Progress. 
jacqstar creations, painting, craft art with heart, brown yellow red ochre
One of my many works in progress
Wow. I started this over a year ago, and it still hasn’t progressed much further than what you see here. I have no idea what it’s going to be- I don’t think it has decided yet. 

Day 4: Raw Materials. 
yarn sequins, metallic thread, crochet knit craft handmade
some of my raw materials
As I’ve said, the medium is secondary to the colours and textures, but I do love shiny glittery things. I love to feel the softness of the wool. I’m very sensory so as long as it appeals to a couple of senses I’m in love with it! 

Day 5: Sketchbook
art craft jacqstar creations handmade butterfly mandala ideas
a few of my musings on paper
I had forgotten what was in my sketchbook- it’s been so long since I’ve even opened them. Looking at my ideas has inspired me to get back into sketching and getting all the pictures in my head out onto paper. 

Day 6: Action
jacqstar creations eco yarn peacock colour wool yarn inspirations
but she had wings…
I don’t have any shots of me in Action. But this is my Action plan. My dream board reminds me of what I want from my business and where I need to go. It’s my who what when were and why –  It keeps me moving in the right direction. 

Day 7: Packaging 
reuse upcycle earth friendly waste not want not jacqstar creations
brown paper packages tied up with string…

I use old knitting and crochet patterns and wrap them up with scraps of wool that are too short to do much else with. Mum taught me to waste not want not, so I’m the ultimate recycler 🙂 

That’s the end of the first week. See you same time next week for week 2

Jacqui xx